WorkFlowy Webinar: Prioritizing Your To-Do’s in WorkFlowy – A Veritable Productivity Smörgåsbord


UPDATE: The scheduled webinar has been postponed to March 23rd, 11AM PST due to technical issues at the time of the webinar. You can go ahead and re-register with this link.

The 4th of our biweekly WorkFlowy Academy webinars is just around the corner. We’re taking the (productivity) bull by the horns and delving into several classic prioritization techniques. If there ever was a webinar not to be missed, this is the one! Martine Ellis from will also be joining us for a bit of lively banter. Continue reading “WorkFlowy Webinar: Prioritizing Your To-Do’s in WorkFlowy – A Veritable Productivity Smörgåsbord”

WFcount bookmarklet now counts time


I posted a couple of weeks ago on how one might use the WFcount bookmarklet tool to count tags with my Lifelogging system and Don’t Break the Chain routines. Rawbytz has now expanded WFcount to allow us to calculate how much time we’ve spent on any particular project or activity – with the click of a bookmarklet. There is also an iWFcount bookmarklet for mobile device. Continue reading “WFcount bookmarklet now counts time”

Lifelogging in WorkFlowy with Tags + a Brilliant WorkFlowy Tag Count Tool from Rawybtz


Whether you’re a lifelogger who logs the metrics of your every waking moment – or you’re just wanting to log a couple of key areas in your life, WorkFlowy has a brilliant solution involving tags… and counting those tags. It’s one of those “Why-didn’t-I-think-of-this?” type dynamics. I’m going to show you how to record Pomodori (time blocks of 25 minutes), sales figures, “Don’t break the chain!” routines… and pretty much anything that answers the questions, “How much?” or “How long?” in graphical structures resembling…no, exactly like charts. In WorkFlowy. Then Rawbytz is going to take you to WorkFlowy Wonderland with his WFcount Bookmarklet. Oh, and I’ll post a complimentary download link to the “Stylish” chapter of my book. Continue reading “Lifelogging in WorkFlowy with Tags + a Brilliant WorkFlowy Tag Count Tool from Rawybtz”