WFcount bookmarklet now counts time


February 16, 2016


I posted a couple of weeks ago on how one might use the WFcount bookmarklet tool to count tags with my Lifelogging system and Don’t Break the Chain routines. Rawbytz has now expanded WFcount to allow us to calculate how much time we’ve spent on any particular project or activity – with the click of a bookmarklet. There is also an iWFcount bookmarklet for mobile device.


Let’s get right to it: Here’s Rawbytz’s latest post on Time Tagging in WorkFlowy. If you’ve already grabbed the WFcount bookmarklet from his original post, you’ll need to update it. That is, you’ll need to grab it again.

In Rawbytz’s post, he explains how the simple and versatile time tag formatting works, and he offers an optional tweak to the bookmarklet which outputs fractions of an hour to two decimal places.

If you subscribe to the Pomodoro Technique and work in time boxes or if you’re a Personal Kanban practitioner, WFcount is your veritable Deus Ex Machina. If, like myself, you more often than not attempt to bite off way more than you can chew, this precision tool will tell you if you’re overreaching…

If you’re the overambitious type, you could give each task you have planned for today a time estimate, hit the WFcount bookmarklet… and if you suspect you may be attempting the impossible, you might, in typical Kanban fashion, “limit your work in progress” by “pushing” nonessential (or not important) tasks to another date. I’m going to go out on a limb here: I’m almost certain that each of us only has a 24-hour day… That is if you’re not traveling across time zones.

Bonus tip: If you’ve already figured out how to time travel, what with the recent developments surrounding Einstein’s 100-year old Theory of General Relativity, I might suggest you use #retry tags to log how many times you’ve reattempted a specific activity at the exact same point along the space-time continuum.

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