The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – V.2


I wrote a post a short while back on the “Forever Calendar”. What the Forever Calendar gives us is every possible day-date combination that could possibly exist in 7 quick-copy lists. The shared list I’m bringing to you today, I think, (1) brings a welcome aesthetic change to your calendar lists… as well as (2) a more visual calendar calendar tucked away in each month’s note. Take a look:

The ideas for both the day-date styling and the calendar layout came from Rob Cherny. I’m just giving it the “forever” twist (which Christiano Lima Santos) showed us in the abovementioned post. So no original ideas from me… just a lot of formatting to bring this shared list to you:

Click here!


Also… if you’d like to highlight dates in your pop-out calendar like so:

… The quick tip is included in the shared list.

P.S. You can go ahead and embed the shared list in your account – it will not count toward your monthly list limit (for those who haven’t upgraded to WorkFlowy Pro yet). It has at least 4 different formatting options you can choose from. So get clicking 🙂

The Russian forever calendar

The following forever calendar for our Russian users was put together by WorkFlowy user, Olaf:

Click here!

12 thoughts on “The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – V.2

  1. Frank, thanks a lot for great hints. I’ll look at that more intently.
    In my forever calendar, I put a weekday name in a header so it looks more compact.
    Aslo I highlight weekends with bold font to make a calendar’s structure more readable.

    1. Hey Olaf, could you include a screenshot for curiosity? 🙂

      Probably the original template would suit you better (i.e. more compact). I like the idea of highlighting weekends. Thanks.

    2. Hi Olaf,
      I have a question re: your template. What do I do once I embedded it into my WF account? Let’s say this year’s September begins with a Friday, so I’d like to copy the Friday list and make a September calendar out of it, but it seems like I cannot duplicate embedded lists.
      Feel free to reply in Russian if it’s more convenient for you 🙂

      1. Hey Nina,

        What you might be trying to do is duplicate a list within the embedded list (can’t be done because it’s not set to editable)… but you could duplicate the entire outline if you want and then it’ll be editable… or you could copy instead of duplicating. The way you copy would be to Alt+Click on the list you want to copy and then Ctrl+C. Let us know if that helps!

    1. Nice! I think the fact that you only have 4 digits in the list makes it nice and compact. If you ever have the time to put together a “forever calendar” of any shape or form for Russian users out there (and there are many!), you’ll have a ton of thankful WorkFlowy users. We could share it here 🙂

  2. I cannot imagine notetaking without Workflowy! It solves a huge problem of providing summary level information to those who need it as well as providing a deep dive for those that need that level of detail.

    However, I don’t see the advantage to using Workflowy in the context of this article. For maintaining appointments, calendar apps (such as Outlook or Google Calendar) offer too many advantages such as reminders and inviting others. For to-dos, using a to-do app (Wunderlist/Microsoft To Do or Any.Do) provides reminders, assignment to others, and recurrence to name a few features that I just can’t live without.

    Don’t get me wrong, Workflowy has become a “go to” app for me that I’ve grown to depend upon for taking notes. But please let me know if there is something I’m missing here.

    1. Calendar apps do a great job for time-specific events… but do a poor job as a holding container/ tickler file for date-specific (but not time-specific) tasks. Wunderlist, Trello, etc. are great… they just don’t drill as deep as WorkFlowy. They don’t allow you to fluidly progress from a task into a full-blown project. With WorkFlowy, just like with your note taking, you have infinitely nestable lists, together with the ability to effortlessly set up Kanban stages (To Do, Doing, Done, etc.). True… WorkFlowy does not offer notifications… but then again, not everybody relies on notifications. If people do rely on notifications, they find their tasks and events tend to creep up on them. If one constantly refers to their setup in WorkFlowy each day, like I do… no mess, no fuss. There’s a whole category of WorkFlowy users who pop tasks into WorkFlowy and swear by it. No ways I can go back to “normal” to-do apps… because they’re too… normal. For time-sensitive things I’d like an audible alert for, I create an iOS reminder once in a while.

  3. While I’m not sure I’ll come to use it, I’ve found a nice way to provide a monospace in a way you don’t need to use a monospace font for everything: we can use Workflowy Code Formatter ( and surround what we need to be in monospace in backticks.

    Image of result:

    An added bonus is that this plugin highlights code and highlights letters and numbers differently, so we get an extra styling for the calendar itself 🙂

    1. Roma, this is brilliant!

      Thanks for the lateral thinking here. I’d already tinkered with the Code formatter but it never occurred to me.

      You could go ahead and use one backtick at the beginning and end:

      You could highlight the number of days remaining:

      … or vice versa:

      You could highlight an entire week:

      … or just a block in your calendar:

      Also, additional formatting/ CSS tweaks show through in combination with the extension’s formatting:

      I’m already using a global monospace font, but this is a good way to be more selective 🙂

      What I do for specific fonts for different outlines is I tag the list title with the (tailor-made) font of my choice… so if I wanted my entire calendar outline to be in monospace, I’d just tag the parent list as such (and make the tag invisible at the same time). I wrote a post on this:

      Here’s a graphic from the post:

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