WorkFlowy + Markdown = ❤


Markdown fans know they can write anywhere using the simplest of Markdown syntax. Versatility and scalability are but 2 words that come to mind.

I want to woo you into writing in WorkFlowy – and away from your favorite Markdown editor. There’s all the reason in the world why and zero reasons why not. Just the fact that WorkFlowy is WorkFlowy should be enough… then there’s the ability to automate it all and shape WorkFlowy into your very own customized Markdown editor.

With WorkFlowy you really can have your cake and eat it. I’ve been eating Markdown cake for quite some time now. While not an exhaustive post on Markdown itself, this was a show and tell of how you can automate it all in WorkFlowy and get the best of both worlds: A Markdown and Markdown preview hybrid. Continue reading “WorkFlowy + Markdown = ❤”

8 Secrets to a Better Link Life – a Mixed Bag of WorkFlowy Tips.


Recently I came across the following WorkFlowy question on Twitter:

Twitter is great for getting to the point, but often one might come across as unloving, uncaring and unsympathetic. This post is quite the opposite… it’s loving, caring and sympathetic toward those who’d like to simplify their link life in WorkFlowy. Perhaps a tad more minimalism would be in order for some – and I don’t think an embedded-link dynamic is necessarily a cure-all. In fact, I think the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) modus operandi we currently have is just perfect.

There’s something for everyone in this post. Let’s get to it… Continue reading “8 Secrets to a Better Link Life – a Mixed Bag of WorkFlowy Tips.”

Different Fonts for Different WorkFlowy Outlines


As your use of WorkFlowy expands, you’ll be doing a lot more than creating lists. You might want to give life logging or journaling a go. Then there’s task management and project outlining, long-form writing, threshing out your blog posts… or just thinking about thinking.

You might very well want to have different fonts for different outlines, seeing as when you zoom into any list, you may potentially be moving into a different mode altogether. If you’re zooming into your journal, you may want to have a font that helps you put on your journaling hat. It could be a typewriter font… or whatever else. This post gives you those tools.

Continue reading “Different Fonts for Different WorkFlowy Outlines”

Background Images for Both Light and Dark WorkFlowy Themes


A year ago I moved to an apartment right on the beach. My last apartment, a block away from the beach, had me staring at a travel agency’s Disney World billboard. A small adjustment makes all the difference in the world.

Well-chosen background images, visible while you’re typing on an opaque overlay, can and will offer you a gorgeous new aesthetic. Some other adjectives that come to mind for the themes I’m giving you today are: stunning, calming, glorious, sublime… and most definitely delightful. I’ve put an insane amount of time (and love) into the themes presented here… and of course, I got by with a little help from my friends. Continue reading “Background Images for Both Light and Dark WorkFlowy Themes”

Using WorkFlowy as a Note-Taking + Study Retention Tool [Video]


For all those note-takers and academics out there: Connor Bray-Stone is going to walk us through his kick-butt system for taking and reviewing notes in WorkFlowy, in an easy-to-follow video.

His pièce de résistance is a simple, yet smart way of turning reading notes into Q Cards – with the ability to black out keywords for testing -consequently boosting study retention. Continue reading “Using WorkFlowy as a Note-Taking + Study Retention Tool [Video]”

Gathering Text from the WWW – Making it Short and Sweet


Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could highlight just the snippets of an article we wanted and then harvest them all in one go, ready to slot into a WorkFlowy outline? Less work.  Less fuss.

I think WorkFlowy is more about doing and less about hoarding. So we’re going to look at how the brilliant Highly Highlighter platform hits that sweet spot – helping to curate incoming text and keeping clutter to a minimum.
Continue reading “Gathering Text from the WWW – Making it Short and Sweet”

Any Background Color You Want for Individual WorkFlowy Lists: Tweaking “Painter For WorkFlowy” Chrome Extension


This is for those among us who squeeze a lot out of WorkFlowy in the Chrome browser. This is also for those who like a tad bit of (the “right”) color in their outlines… Continue reading “Any Background Color You Want for Individual WorkFlowy Lists: Tweaking “Painter For WorkFlowy” Chrome Extension”