The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – Never Manually Create Calendar Lists in WorkFlowy Again. Ever.


Maybe you’ve never warmed to the idea of having a calendar of chronological dates in WorkFlowy because you’re put off by the idea of manually setting it up – One. List. At. A. Time. I used to have my own way of automating it all… but still, I wanted it to be simpler.

A WorkFlowy hero reached out to me by email a couple of months ago with a template of all the possible date/day combinations that exist from now until kingdom come. It’s actually a much smaller template than you’re thinking right now. A huge shout-out to Christiano Lima Santos from Brazil for sharing this genius solution. I’m kicking myself for not having thought of this. Continue reading “The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – Never Manually Create Calendar Lists in WorkFlowy Again. Ever.”

Get a Grip on Your Day with Kanban Scheduling in WorkFlowy


I’ve got a dead-easy WorkFlowy scheduling system for those who don’t have a fixed, predictable daily routine… especially if you’re the boss of you – or you have a significant amount of time between fixed events – and you’d like to try and make it one of those carpe diem days.

This little productivity booster is a standalone dynamic… You can include it in your repertoire no matter whether you’re a date tagger or have a chronological WorkFlowy calendar in place.

Much like an actual calendar, laying out your daily schedule in WorkFlowy will make you more conscious of how your entire day could shape up. It also brings into perspective what is humanly possible. Continue reading “Get a Grip on Your Day with Kanban Scheduling in WorkFlowy”

The Power of Reading Books in WorkFlowy


I’ve read over a dozen books in WorkFlowy so far. But why? Why in blue blazes would I do that? Simple, really: For the unparalleled flexibility WorkFlowy gives me in being able to turn any scrap of information therein into a #todo, a #reminder or a research #category… and being able to take notes to my heart’s content – so that it all becomes part of my workflow.

If you haven’t yet put a book into WorkFlowy, it’s a crying shame: You’ve been missing out on possibly the most effective way to (1) act upon gems of information being provided and (2) to glean, gather and group research data in the simplest of ways. Hands down, reading and interacting with book content in WorkFlowy is the most intuitive way I’ve found to squeeze every ounce of practical worth out of any book. Continue reading “The Power of Reading Books in WorkFlowy”

WFcount bookmarklet now counts time


I posted a couple of weeks ago on how one might use the WFcount bookmarklet tool to count tags with my Lifelogging system and Don’t Break the Chain routines. Rawbytz has now expanded WFcount to allow us to calculate how much time we’ve spent on any particular project or activity – with the click of a bookmarklet. There is also an iWFcount bookmarklet for mobile device. Continue reading “WFcount bookmarklet now counts time”

Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company: A Startup with WorkFlowy in the Mix


I had a chat with Chandler Parsons about the backstory of how Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company grew from “Thirsty Thursday” banter to become a truly unique destination brewery in the State of Iowa, showcasing their passion for hand crafted beer. Chandler is one of RRBC’s 4 co-owners who officially opened their doors to business this last December 20th.

Continue reading “Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company: A Startup with WorkFlowy in the Mix”

The Tooth Fairy does Kanban in WorkFlowy


If you haven’t yet heard of Kanban or given it a try, it’s time. Kanban has 2 core principles: “Visualize your WorkFlow” and “Limit your Work in Progress”. WorkFlowy’s flexibility is second to none when it comes to implementing Kanban workflows. Continue reading “The Tooth Fairy does Kanban in WorkFlowy”

Lifelogging in WorkFlowy with Tags + a Brilliant WorkFlowy Tag Count Tool from Rawybtz


Whether you’re a lifelogger who logs the metrics of your every waking moment – or you’re just wanting to log a couple of key areas in your life, WorkFlowy has a brilliant solution involving tags… and counting those tags. It’s one of those “Why-didn’t-I-think-of-this?” type dynamics. I’m going to show you how to record Pomodori (time blocks of 25 minutes), sales figures, “Don’t break the chain!” routines… and pretty much anything that answers the questions, “How much?” or “How long?” in graphical structures resembling…no, exactly like charts. In WorkFlowy. Then Rawbytz is going to take you to WorkFlowy Wonderland with his WFcount Bookmarklet. Oh, and I’ll post a complimentary download link to the “Stylish” chapter of my book. Continue reading “Lifelogging in WorkFlowy with Tags + a Brilliant WorkFlowy Tag Count Tool from Rawybtz”