The Multi-Tagger Bookmarklet for WorkFlowy


On occasion I have the need to tag multiple items in WorkFlowy with the same tag at the same time. You know – batch tag my lists. And when such a need arises, I use rawbytz’s multiTagger bookmarklet. Let’s give it a quick spin…

Round 1

In the below animated GIF, you’ll see that I have several items I’d like to tag with my #P90X tag. I just go ahead and multi-select my items by using the WorkFlowy keyboard shortcut, Alt+Click, Click, Click. Then I (1) activate rawbytz’s  multiTagger bookmarklet, (2) enter my tag and (3) hit the prepend button. All done.

Round 2

While I’m at it and still have my #P90X items selected, you’ll see that I also add a recycle icon to the end of each bullet by hitting the append button.

Round 3

Before I’m done with this calendar outline of mine, I want to multi-tag a handful of expenses and give them a tad bit of color. To do that, you’ll see below that I append my #t-gold tag to each item:



2 thoughts on “The Multi-Tagger Bookmarklet for WorkFlowy

  1. The problem is with all these tricks is if you move computer they need setting up, the time factor. They need baking into the app itself.

    1. If you move computer then all you do is sign into your browser of choice and everything should sync up – extensions, bookmarks, bookmarklets, etc.

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