The Multi-Tagger Bookmarklet for WorkFlowy


On occasion I have the need to tag multiple items in WorkFlowy with the same tag at the same time. You know – batch tag my lists. And when such a need arises, I use rawbytz’s multiTagger bookmarklet. Let’s give it a quick spin…

Round 1

In the below animated GIF, you’ll see that I have several items I’d like to tag with my #P90X tag. I just go ahead and multi-select my items by using the WorkFlowy keyboard shortcut, Alt+Click, Click, Click. Then I (1) activate rawbytz’s  multiTagger bookmarklet, (2) enter my tag and (3) hit the prepend button. All done.

Round 2

While I’m at it and still have my #P90X items selected, you’ll see that I also add a recycle icon to the end of each bullet by hitting the append button.

Round 3

Before I’m done with this calendar outline of mine, I want to multi-tag a handful of expenses and give them a tad bit of color. To do that, you’ll see below that I append my #t-gold tag to each item:



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